Holistic youth, a holistic Europe!

“Holistic youth, a holistic Europe!” je mednarodni mladinski projekt, organiziran julija 2013 pod okriljem Zavoda Anima Vita in finančno podprt s strani Evropske komisije. Podrobnejši opis projekta si v angleškem jeziku lahko preberete spodaj.


The focus of the project will be on implementing and establishing a healthy holistic outlook on lifestyle of youngsters (participants). This will be done in an international and multicultural environment, which will be established within the context of an international youth exchange, with project partners from France, Germany, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Malta and Slovenia as the hosting partner.

During the project, we will put our attention to different areas which are important in an individual`s life, such as mental health, culture, sports, active citizenship, economic involvement, nutrition and a healthy attitude towards nature and animals.

The project will last for 8 days and each day we will put our attention to one area of importance and by using non-formal learning techniques and reflection, the youngsters will, by way of active participation and cooperation, strive to come to a greater awareness of the importance of all these areas, and by doing so, also realise their interconnectedness.

There will be 32 youngsters on the project, and 8 group leaders. The Anima Vita organizational team will consist of one psychotherapist, two medical doctors, a musician, an economist, a student of psychology and a student of mechanical engineering.

The aim of the project is to enable participants to develop personally, through their active involvement in the group, and later on in this respect also become more active in their local communities, also with a higher awareness of themselves as Europeans.


Izvedba tega projekta je financirana s strani Evropske komisije. Vsebina publikacije (komunikacije) je izključno odgovornost avtorja in v nobenem primeru ne predstavlja stališč Evropske komisije.