Discovering: ME - THE TRAINER!

“Discovering: ME – THE TRAINER!” je mednarodni projekt organiziran s strani Poljske organizacije FINE (Fundacja Inicjatyw Nieformalnej Edukacji), ter finančno podprt s strani Evropske komisije. Zavod Anima Vita je v okviru projekta nastopal kot partnerska organizacija.

V okviru projekta sta se v Olsztynu na Poljskem odvili dve usposabljanji (Training Cours-a), ki so se ju s strani Slovenske partnerske organizacije udeležili 3-je posamezniki, ki profesionalno ali prostovoljno delujejo na področju mladinskega projektnega dela in ki so poleg skrbi za prenos dobrih praks na usposabljanjih hkrati zastopali ter predstavili delovanje organizacije Zavod Anima Vita.

Podrobnejši opis projekta se v angleškem jeziku nahaja spodaj.


The project "Discovering: ME – THE TRAINER!” consists of two international training course-s, co-financed by the European Commission and taking place in Olsztyn, Poland. Organizational project partners will be institutions from Bulgaria, Latvia, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia, and Poland as the hosting partner.

The training courses will take place between 4th and 11th of September in 2014 and between 29th of January and 5th of February 2015. Main aim of the project is to improve quality of youth supporting systems through raising skills of youth workers in field of training and working with the group.


The specific aims of the project are to:

•             discover own potential in being the trainer;

•             find strong and weak points of participant’s training abilities and get to know how to develop them;

•             get to know how training should be planned and conducted;

•             learn new methods of working with youth.


The specified aims will be achieved through active and non-formal ways of learning:

 Workshops, discussions, active presentations, simulations, “experience lab”, games, self-reflection.

 The training course will be conducted by two certified trainers, psychologists and group analysts.