Get Active

“Get Active” je mednarodni seminar/trening organiziran s strani organizacije OpportUNITY International iz Velike Britanije, ter finančno podprt s strani Evropske komisije. Zavod Anima Vita v okviru projekta nastopa kot partnerska organizacija.

Seminarja so se udeležili trije mladi prostovoljci izbrani prek javnega poziva razposlanega med študente psihoterapije in študente psihologije.

Podrobnejši opis seminarja/treninga se v angleškem jeziku nahaja spodaj.



Training Course

May 2014 

United Kingdom (UK), Newcastle on Tyne

The Training course aims at promoting awareness regarding the importance of a healthy life style among youngsters through specific activities, lasting for 8 days. These eight days are enough for participants to get to know each other, to talk about their expectations and to efficiently deliver the activities proposed, ones that include workshops, debates, role-play, intercultural evening and group work.

The main objectives of the activities are the prevention of racism, working in a multicultural environment, working towards drug prevention and raising awareness about eating disorders.

The main theme is health, but the course is also meant to promote European citizenship together with youth participation, thus educating youth leaders on the history of the European Union and increasing awareness about it.

At the end of the project participants will create a blog which is meant to be a powerful tool for disseminating, networking and sharing. They will become active multipliers, creating future projects themselves.

Each participating country will bring useful data and statistics on major health issues in their country in order to raise awareness on the factors that influence health in both good and bad ways.

Experienced trainers will deliver sessions on healthy eating and promote the importance of physical exercise. There will be debates and role-play activities on what makes a healthy life, thus making the participants reflect and find solutions to one of the most serious problems faced by people today. All the data gathered during the training course will be put on a flyer that will be shared by participants in their home countries, in order to make the project a visible and sustainable one.

Furthermore, participants will have to do physical exercise every morning and will learn how to cook a healthy meal. There will also be sports competitions that will carry anti-discrimination and anti-racism messages on the participants' T-shirts, while each country will bring presentations about their most prominent sports figures, thus enriching participants' cultural knowledge in the field of sports.