Active Thinking is Active Being!(ATAB) je mednarodni projekt, ki je potekal leta 2014 in pod okriljem katerega sta bila s strani organizacije Zavod Anima Vita izvedena dva seminarja/treninga, namenjena mladinskim voditeljem, mladinskim delavcem in trenerjem, ki delujejo na področju dela z mladimi.

Pri projektu so sodelovale partnerske organizacije iz Portugalske, Španije, Italije, Poljske, Romunije in Bolgarije. 

Projekt je bil finančno podprt s strani Evropske komisije, v okviru programa ERASMUS+. 

Podrobnejši opis projekta si v angleškem jeziku lahko preberete spodaj. 


 “Move to think”

Description of Training course 1:

October 2014

Education through sports is a new pedagogical approach which was partially inspired by Sir Ken Robinsons’ TED talk, in which he underlines how academic success is not the only way to personal fulfilment. People differ from one another and some people need to move in order to think. Education through sports uses sports and physical activity as an educational tool. It is a new and dynamic perspective in sense of how to open and talk through themes such as: discrimination, social inclusion, commu-nication, emotions, etc. As non-formal education creates a setting where active participation is not only possible, but preferable, this training course will also provide a frame where all participants can actively shape the results and ideas of our common work. It will be a crucial part of the programme to try out new activities and new ideas that can be transferred back to individual working settings. Promoting education through sports will also promote both non-formal education and physical activity as core ingredients for fruitful learning settings. It is as a pedagogical approach that promotes healthy lifestyle and regular physical activity, which is in accordance with the thread of this project: to encourages active participation in life in general.

The training course will combine theory and practice in order to develop new methods and concepts in the field of non-formal education. The main objectives are the following:

-           present education through sports, its practical implication, costs and benefits;

-           practice new activities;

-           educate multipliers;

-          build and maintain an active network of partners who share and implement projects in the field of non-formal education;



Description of Training course 2:

December 2014

One of the biggest problems youngsters are (consciously or unconsciously) facing today is their own passive stance with regards to society. Their way of being is many times strongly grounded in seeing themselves as simple recipients of external stimuli. We would probably not be far from the truth if we would say that television plays a crucial role in creating this situation. According to a BLS Time Use Survey from 2013 (, the average American watches television 5:11 hours a day. These numbers are probably very different in the EU, but undoubtedly, watching television is a very universal pass-time also for many EU youngsters, especially those who find themselves at the verge of social exclusion and with smaller financial incomes.

Is this passive stance to life by way of TV-watching necessarily the case?

During the TC, youth leaders will become familiarized with different methodologies of movie analysis and ways of transforming the experience of watching movies from a passive to an active one. During the whole week, participants will be completely immersed into watching and analyzing movies from different perspectives, with an aim of a complete transformation of their movie-watching experience in order for them to later-on be able to transfer this experience (on a smaller or larger scale) also to the youth of their own local communities and youngsters who are participants in their projects.

Generally, the training course will consist of 4 sections:

1.         Introduction to the TC, getting to know each other and final reflection;

2.         Topic analysis;

3.         Character analysis;

4.         In-depth psychoanalytic understanding of movies;


Izvedba tega projekta je financirana s strani Evropske komisije. Vsebina publikacije (komunikacije) je izključno odgovornost avtorja in v nobenem primeru ne predstavlja stališč Evropske komisije.


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